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Parace L'Sia by PinkDuskStone
Parace L'Sia
Parace L'Sia was once a human alchemist in Switzerland during the Renaissance. When she died, she ascended to a higher plane of existence into the magic world and became an elven woman with the power of life. In the modern day, she works as a chemistry teacher. She is one of the older characters of the Arcana Heart series and first debuted in Sugoi! Arcana Heart 2 as the final boss of Score Attack mode. She uses, no, is the Arcana of Life. If you've watched videos from :iconquartrguy: (Cheapest Fighting Game Bosses, "One More Try" Moments, Least Favorite Bosses), then you would know that Parace is one of, if not the, cheapest fighting game boss ever. Just watching almost anyone trying to beat her is enough to show how broken difficult she is. OP moves, God-like AI, teleport-spamming, and constant health regeneration. Oh, and she constantly taunts the player during the fight like Silver the Hedgehog in Sonic '06. ダメね (Dame ne) translates to "It's no use." The game even has to help you by reducing Parace's starting health after the third loss. This doesn't happen in the latest version, so good luck.

There is an Angelia player who defeated Parace by using the Mirror Arcana to counter her with her own OP supers, all with NO CONTINUES. The Awesome page on AH's TV Tropes placed this moment on its list.…

Unfortunately in AH3: Love MAX!!!!!, the above strategy has been nerfed, but that didn't stop this Mei-Fang player with the Fire Arcana.…
The same person also used Lieselotte equipped with Metal to win.…
And with Love Lilica:…

Parace L'Sia would have a full 6-Pokémon team like a Champion. Legendaries and Mega Evolutions would be included because they're essentially bosses. Parace's preferred element would be Fairy, though she would have other Types as well. Her star Pokémon would be the almighty toothpaste deer, Shiny Xerneas. Xerneas, like Parace, is the embodiment of life and is considered by players to be a High Tier-Induced Scrappy. Xerneas has the signature move Geomancy, which is a delayed double Quiver Dance that can easily be sped up with the Power Herb; story-wise, it restores life, which one of the things Parace loves. Mega Diancie would be similar to Parace in that she delivers massive damage but can be broken easily. The problem is trying to hit her because she's so fast. Another similarity between Parace and Diancie is that they both use crystals/gems to attack. Carbink also uses crystals/gems, and fits with Parace because her hobbies include mining, collecting, and purifying minerals. Eviolite Chansey is a pain to fight because she has so much health and has a very wide movepool (including status effect inducers), tying with Parace's health recovery and borrowing several other Arcana attacks. She has Natural Cure and Healer for her possible abilities, and fits with Parace since her strongest subjects and skills include health and general medicine. Reuniclus is an intelligent cellular Pokémon to connect with Parace's occupation as a scientist and has the ability Regenerator. Audino also has Regenerator in its regular form and Healer in both forms. Why does Parace have and use two Megas on her team? Because like many bosses, The Computer is a Cheating Bastard. Also, Parace's least favorite subject is ethics/philosophy.

Parace's main item would be the Life Orb for obvious reasons. The Eviolite's Japanese name not only means Evolution Stone, but it's a pun on Miracle of Evolution. Parace would also have every elemental Gem in the Pokémon game, including the Fairy Gem. (Only the Normal Gem is available, but Parace would say, "Screw the Rules, I Have Supernatural Powers!")

Arcana Heart belongs to Examu. Pokémon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company.
Metal Maid Mayfield by PinkDuskStone
Metal Maid Mayfield
Fiona Mayfield is a British maid who befriended Saki Tsuzura as an exchange student from Japan. They were both sucked into the magic world, but got separated when Saki escaped. Being in the magic world is a mixed bag for Fiona; she had lost her friend and stopped aging, but she enjoyed meeting and interacting with the fairy tale creatures inhabiting the magic world. She is the penultimate boss of Arcana Heart 1 and her default Arcana is Orichalchos of the Metal element. In combat, she is one of the strongest characters, able to perform 75% damage with her Level 3 Critical Heart (AH's Super move) and withstand a lot of damage, but moves like molasses. This is evident in Fiona's design, where she's wearing heavy metal gauntlets and boots and wielding a sword that can rival Cloud Strife's.

Fiona's Pokémon Type would be Steel. Her primary Pokémon would be Aegislash, not only for its status as a 5'07" sword but also for Orichalcho's attack involving sword shots at the opponent. Aegislash would have Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Iron Head (either it uses the hilt to bash, or the blade tip to...), and of course, King's Shield. Klefki is a part-Fairy keyring, seeing how Fiona loves fairy tales and is responsible for house duties of the main villain. The new Pokémon Togedemaru has both elements of Fiona and Saki as a symbol of their friendship, and in one of Fiona's side bar animations a small rodent (a squirrel) runs up to her. Togedemaru's ability would be Iron Barbs to correspond with Fiona's element. While Togedemaru's moveset hasn't been made official yet, I think it would have Gyro Ball because IT'S SPHERICAL!

Fiona's main item would be Metal Coat to boost her Steel moves, and Iron Ball for lower speed.

Arcana Heart belongs to Examu. Pokémon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company.

I realized: I should have put Steelix in to represent Orichalchos. It has Dragon Breath, because Orichalchos is a metal dragon, and Curse to fit with Fiona's Mighty Glacier fighting style.
You're So Magnetic by PinkDuskStone
You're So Magnetic
Catherine Kyoubashi is Kira Daidouji's classmate, friend and rival. Cathy speaks with a Kansai dialect, which can be surprising at first considering that she is American-born, but she is of Japanese descent and picked up the accent from living with her grandmother. These traits are essentially the embodiment of how Japan sees Americans. True to Cathy's heritage, her favorite foods are okonomiyaki (savory cabbage pancakes) and takoyaki (octopus dumplings), the staples of the Kansai region of Japan. Cathy goes barefoot and wears a swimsuit all the time like Kira, but unlike her she has no real excuse to do so. Although eccentric and very prone to mood swings, Cathy is very intelligent and obtained a PhD at age 10. As for her fighting style, Cathy fights in a giant mech named Terry Yodogawa that is powerful but has a larger hitbox than other characters. Her default element is Median, the Arcana of Magnetism.

Because Cathy's main element is Magnetism, her main elements would be Electric and Steel. She would have Magnezone and Probopass on her Pokémon team. Both of them evolve from being in an area full of electricity/magnetism: Kalos Route 13, Chargestone Cave, New Mauville, and Mt. Coronet. While most of these locations do have some logical sense to be magnetic (Kalos Route 13 has power plants, Chargestone Cave is full of Electric- and Steel-Types, New Mauville is a canceled power plant project), Mt. Coronet wouldn't seem like it to a native English speaker. However, Mt. Coronet's Japanese name is Mt. Tengam, which is "Magnet" spelled backwards. Magnezone is genderless, fitting its inorganic origins and is essentially a robot like Yodogawa. It also has the moves Magnetic Flux, Magnet Rise, and Magnet Bomb. Probopass also has access to the latter two moves. Electrode is another machine-like Pokémon, named after a conductor to form a circuit, and its movepool includes Magnetic Flux and Magnet Rise. All of them have access to Volt Switch, Shock Wave, and Thunderbolt. Cathy's main item would be the Magnet, powering up Electric moves.

Arcana Heart belongs to Examu. Pokémon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company.
Eric y Kyle by PinkDuskStone
Eric y Kyle
South Park is one of those shows that has loads and loads of characters voiced by few actors. In the original show, most of the boys were voiced by men with the help of audio tweaking to make them sound child-like. However, in some foreign dubs this isn't always the case. The French version has no audio changes to the men voicing the boys, and in others like Japanese, Italian, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin Spanish the women play the boys with no modification at all.

Patricia Azan is the current Latin Spanish voice for many South Park characters, male and female, but her most notable ones are two of the main boys: Eric Cartman and Kyle Broflovski. (This makes their relationship more interesting...) She started voicing them when the original actress Vivian Ruiz quit after Season 2 because voicing Cartman was a strain on her vocal cords. Azan redubbed the Ruiz episodes as well as performing Season 3 onwards. She also played Tweek, Bebe, Nathan, Saddam Hussein, Liane Cartman, Sharon Marsh, and Mrs. McCormick. Azan has stated that Eric Cartman is her favorite character. Azan's daughter Katherine Clavelo is also a voice actress, and she voiced Honey Boo Boo in the episode "Raising the Bar". Both mother and daughter are bilingual, able to speak both English and Spanish.

Besides South Park, Azan also voiced characters in the Latin Spanish dub of Fairly OddParents, including Vicky, Poof, Sanjay, Britney Britney, Princess Mandie, Tad & Chad, Tooth Fairy, and Mrs. Crocker. Another show she dubbed was Caillou, as Rosie, Clementine, and Sarah. I can assure you that after listening to her voices in one show, you can't unhear them when watching another. (It happens, though.)

South Park belongs to Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Comedy Central.
Moe Mimete by PinkDuskStone
Moe Mimete
The artist said, "Here, eat a melon bun. It'll make you look like even more of a b****."

Mika Kanai voices a lot of cuties and genki girls in anime. She is famous as Melonpanna from Anpanman, Mimete from Sailor Moon S, and several Pokémon in the anime of the same name.

Mimete is another member of the Witches 5, an evil counterpart to Venus, and bar none the most useless and weakest Witch. She was responsible for murdering Eudial and setting back the Death Busters since the latter knew the of the Sailor Guardians' identities and their possession of the Holy Grail. Mimete killed Eudial because she "kept failing", when all Mimete cared about was chasing after her idols and becoming a celebrity (she is one in the manga and Crystal). Like I said before, the Witches 5 were smug backstabbers who only sought for personal glory, and Mimet is no exception; besides killing Eudial, she tried to sabotage Tellu when the latter was going to replace her. Mimete may have acted cute and sweet, she was a callous woman child who ended up with a fate worse than death. She was threatening, however, with her Daimons (the monsters of the day in Season 3) sucking Pure Heart Crystals directly out of the victims' mouths. (Even if her main targets were exclusively men.)
In the Viz dub, Mimete is played by Kira "Rina-Chan" Buckland, who is known for voicing Twilight Sparkle in MLP fan animations (including Double Rainboom, Twilight's Nightmare, and PONY.MOV), Primrose in Snowdrop, Toph Beifong in Death Battle: Gaara VS Toph, and Marie from Skullgirls

What Mimete is holding in her hand is a melonpan, a Japanese sweet bun baked to resemble a cantaloupe. This is done by baking an enriched dough with a thin layer of crisp cookie dough on the outside. Melonpan aren't always melon-flavored, but they can be and also come in many varieties such as chocolate chip, maple syrup, and cream-filled. Melonpanna from Anpanman is one of the bread heroes, and she is the first female among them (and the only one until later). Her special attack is "Melo-Melo Punch!", a pun on her name and "Melo-Melo," the Japanese onomatopoeia for love/infatuation. Melonpanna also has a big sister named Rollpanna, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in fiction.

Speaking of "Melo-Melo", it is the Japanese name for the move Attract, which Iris' Emolga knows. Iris' Emolga, like Mimete, puts on a cute act to satisfy her selfish needs (like her appetite for apples). She is not above using Attract to get away with her mischief, though it only works on boys. However, Emolga does become nicer later on in the Black & White seasons even with her sneaky humor and rivalry with Ash's Snivy. Emolga is a skilled battler, but she prefers to let her teammates do the dirty work via Volt Switch.

Kanai also played two Pokmon that can have the Cute Charm ability: the recurring Jigglypuff from the Original series, and Serena's Eevee/Sylveon. Jigglypuff is known for its beautiful song and habit of drawing on people's faces when they fall asleep. It was such an entertaining character, and it's kind of a downer that it appeared less and less until it disappeared altogether after one appearance in an Advanced Generation episode. There's still Smash Bros...
In the X&Y series, Serena caught a female Eevee, who was often used in Showcases because of her dance skills. Eevee was very shy and often doubted herself, but once she evolved into Sylveon she became much more confident as a performer and battler.

While not related to hearts, Kanai also voiced Ash's Chikorita/Bayleef. She was clingy of Ash and jealous of Pikachu, but she grew out of it once she evolved into Bayleef to save him from Team Rocket. It took a while for her to get used to her new size, since she didn't know her own strength.

Sailor Moon belongs to Toei Animation and Naoko Takeuchi. Pokémon belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Game Freak, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company.

Kanai was once married to fellow voice actor Koichi Yamadera, the voice of Cheese the Dog and Kamameshi-don (Anpanman), Vincent Brooks (Catherine), Shuu (ME!ME!ME!). He is also basically the John Ratzenberger of the Pokémon movies (Mew is one of his best-known roles). He is also the Japanese voice for many Disney characters (Genie, Mushu, Stitch, Donald Duck, Beast, Sebastian) and several actors (including Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, and Eddie Murphy). Kanai and Yamadera have since divorced.
The latest trailer released today, confirming the English names of the rest of the species revealed earlier in the CoroCoro magazine.

Bewear's pre-evolution Nuikoguma is called Stufful, and to recap, its cuteness and fluffy fur make it very popular, but it hates being touched and will flail its arms in protest. Its body is small but very powerful, so it's going to hurt. A detail that the artwork didn't show is that Stufful has a small white tag on its rear, like the stuffed animals or mascot toys that it's based on. Stufful makes a really cute sound. Of course, it fights fellow panda bear Pancham in the trailer.

Sunabaa is named Sandygast, and just like Honedge from Kalos you do not want to play around with it like a tool. Grabbing Sandygast will make you fall under its mind control spell; with this power, Sandygast manipulates children into packing more sand onto its body to make it grow. If Sandygast does lose its shovel, it will grab a twig, flag, or anything as a substitute until it gets a new one. The mouth-like hole on its body can drain life energy from anyone and anything, and according to Alolans it's a test of courage to put your hand through it. (Cue the innuendos...)
The evolution Shirodesuna, AKA Palossand, isn't much better. It controls adults into building a sand castle for camouflage and defense. Palossand can regenerate its own sand, unlike its pre-evolution needing assistance. The shovel on Palossand spins when it's on the prowl. Palossand's favorite food is life energy and will swallow up small Pokémon to make more Sandygast from the prey's grudges. Yes, Palossand makes babies by killing other Pokémon.
Both Sandygast and Palossand have the new ability Water Compaction, which boosts their Defense by 2 when hit with a Water move. Basically, a double physical Luminous Moss, or an Iron Defense boost from getting wet. It fits the sand castle idea, and it does provide some interesting possibilities in turning their weakness into a strength. Combine that with the Assault Vest...

The last of the Pokémon revealed is Crabrawler, the Boxing Pokémon. It measures at 2'00" (0.6 m), 15.4 lbs (7.0 kg) and is a Fighting Type. The last part is notable in that it is the first crab/lobster-based Pokémon that is not a Water Type. However, there are crabs that thrive on land (with enough moisture), and even drown when submerged in water. Even so, I believe Crabrawler would have the move Crabhammer even without the STAB. Crabrawler hates to lose and is always eager for a fight. It literally wants to be the top crab; not just social status, but also physical height. Don't try to knock it down, unless you want to be treated with a punch from its big meaty claws. Berries are Crabrawler's favorite food, and this Pokémon will compete with others of its kind for the privilege of eating ripe ones. The claws protect its face and belly in combat and the punches are powerful enough to smash tree trunks. Fittingly, it can get Hyper Cutter or Iron Fist. Apparently, the claws sometimes get torn off and are used as food. Physically, Crabrawler is purple with yellow pompadour feelers and BIG... MEATY... CLAWS! (They are blue.)

*Spoilers from the anime*
Before ending things off, I would like to address the Donphan in the room. The same day that Turtonator was revealed, Ash placed runner-up in the Kalos League. On the reveal trailer for the Blast Turtle Pokémon, hardly anybody seemed interested in talking about the creature itself and just whine and moan in the comments that Ash lost again. Now, I know a lot of people are mad about the end of the Kalos League, but here's how I see it. Why can't they just be happy that Ash made it further than he did in the other leagues? What's more important, anyway? Winning, or enjoying the game? If Ash were real right now, he would not be pleased with how his "fans" throw tantrums about him not being "duh winner". (Some people even went as far as to swear off the anime and never watch it again!) Sure, Ash may not be the best as a trainer, but he is the best at maintaining his optimism and determination, which are the traits that make him someone to look up to. Just look at Goku from Dragon Ball.  Ash and Alain both had some fine teams, and it is still better than when the former lost to an airhead like Cameron. Richie (a Marty Stu clone of Ash who was just there to knock him out of the competition got a mini-arc and two Chronicles episodes centered on him), Virgil (a flat character with no build-up along with having a full Eeveelution team of the time for the sake of "uniqueness" and Creator's Pet status; a grown-up Richie to the West), and Tobias (a troll with little build-up and purpose except to curb-stomp Ash and having two Legendaries without explanation) are also hated for their performances in their respective Leagues. Last thing, Silver Medals are not "First Loser" awards!

What are your thoughts? Please keep it civil.
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