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Behold the Power of Aura! by PinkDuskStone
Behold the Power of Aura!
「波動最大!」 ("Max Aura!")

Super Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU
is one of the finest games ever made for the WiiU. With so many likable characters, there is a lot of replay value, especially with friends. On this day, the WiiU version was released in North America, the same day that Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire were released almost worldwide.

One of the characters that made the roster in Smash 4 is Lucario, the Fighting/Steel-Typed Aura Pokémon from Gen 4. In its home series, Lucario is well-loved character, having great offenses for mixed sets and a badass Mega Evolution that further enhances its prowess with Adaptability. Lucario is also the star of the movie Lucario & the Mystery of Mew, where he learns that humans and Pokémon can truly bond together and is the second Pokémon after Latios to die without resurrection. In the English dub of the movie, he's played by Sean Schemmel, who is also known for voicing Son Goku in the Funimation dub of the Dragon Ball series, including Z and GT. Either it's coincidence or a clever shout-out as to how Lucario is able to use his own Kamehameha Wave, Aura Sphere, as well as becoming stronger the more injured he is. Lucario's taunt even has him charging like a Super Saiyan! Mega Evolutions are Super Saiyan forms for Pokémon! Schemmel reprises his role as Lucario in Smash 4, replacing Bill Rodgers. In essence, Lucario is the closest thing to getting Goku in Smash.

Why is Fievel Mousekewitz in this picture, you may ask? In the Japanese version of the Lucario movie and Smash 4, Lucario is played by Daisuke Namikawa, who was the original Japanese voice for Fievel. An American Tail is one of my favorite animated films, about a young mouse boy from Russia who goes through many struggles as he tries to find his family after a storm separated them during immigration. An American Tail would be in my top 3 for favorite animated films (the other two being Finding Nemo and The Lion King). For other roles Namikawa has done, he was Ryouta Kajiki (Mako Tsunami) in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Giorno Giovanna from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Lucian from the Diamond & Pearl seasons of Pokémon. For dubbing, he was also Elliot in the first Japanese dub of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Hikaru Sulu from the 2009 reboot of Star Trek, and Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars.

Happy birthday, Sean Schemmel! Have your cake and eat it too 

This day also marks the 30th anniversary of An American Tail. Bless the souls of the late Dom DeLuise, Madeline Kahn, and James Horner.

belongs to Satoshi Tajiri, Nintendo, GameFreak, and The Pokémon Company. Super Smash Bros for 3DS/WiiU belongs to Bandai Namco Games, Sora Ltd., and Nintendo. An American Tail belongs to Don Bluth.

"The winner is... Lucario!"


Edit: Namikawa is now voicing Rotom-Dex in the Sun & Moon anime!
Elise and Vitani by PinkDuskStone
Elise and Vitani
Lacey Chabert is known for her roles in Party of Five, Lost in Space, and Mean Girls. Chabert also does voiceovers, with her prominent roles including Eliza Thornberry (The Wild Thornberrys), Meg Griffin (only in Season 1 and a bit of 2 of Family Guy), Tanya Mousekewitz (the DTV sequels of An American Tail), and Zatanna (Young Justice and Injustice: Gods Among Us). Pictured are her other prominent roles, Princess Elise from Sonic '06 and Vitani from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. Chabert is a Sonic fan, and she enjoyed being able to voice a character in the series she loved. As of the latest episode of The Lion Guard, Chabert reprised her role and managed to sound just as she did almost 20 years ago. Strangely, in TLK 2, she didn't sing as her character even though she is capable of singing, as seen with the young title character in Anastasia.

Originally, I wanted to draw something like Eliza with Vitani because of the former's affinity with animals. Then I wanted to draw Princess Eliza. I decided to have Elise interact with Vitani, with the hint of Eliza's powers. Elise has a really nice design, though she does fall into the uncanny valley when she's right next to the cartoony Sonic characters. I think the Disney-esque style I drew her in came out really well.

Sonic the Hedgehog belongs to Sega. The Lion King belongs to Disney.
To all the people hating on Incineroar and saying that it should have been Fire/Fighting Type, go watch this video.

The newest trailer released today! It showcases the new Z-Moves exclusive to the Starters' final forms! Decidueye uses Sinister Arrow Raid, Incineroar uses Malicious Moonslaught, and Primarina uses Oceanic Operetta. All three of the Z-Moves fit with the characters so well, with Decidueye's role as a stealthy sniper, Incineroar as a heel wrestler, and Primarina as an elegant idol singer.

New Ultra Beasts were revealed as well: UB-03 Lighting and UB-05 Glutton. UB-03 Lighting resembles electric wires crossed with Slenderman or Jack Skellington, further emphasizing its status as an eerie, eldritch abomination. UB-05 Gluttony is one giant maw of a monster, complete with extra limbs on the side. It resembles a Parasite Cage from Kingdom Hearts, except black instead of purple. It falls into the uncanny valley with its giant maw having eyes, but also a smaller head on top. This is intentional, however, to make the Ultra Beast even more eerie. UB-05 Glutton has an appetite far greater than even Snorlax, Swalot, Hydreigon, or any Pokémon with the Gluttony ability put together; it is said to devour not only objects, but the ground, rivers, and SEAS. It doesn't even produce waste products, and it could be converting whatever it eats into energy, but no one knows. Suddenly things got even scarier with these Ultra Beasts. The Ultra Beasts' music during the trailer doesn't help matters, considering how it comes between two cheery themes.

Alolan Diglett and Alolan Dugtrio are confirmed! They have been found in the datamine, and Dugtrio did make an early appearance in the demo, but at the time we didn't know the Typing, abilities, and other attributes. Both of them are Ground/Steel, like fellow mole Excadrill. Both Alolan Diglett and Alolan Dugtrio are about the same size as their classic counterparts, but the latter is twice as heavy. They keep Sand Veil, but instead of Arena Trap (good Arceus), they have a new ability called Tangled Hair, which is Goodra's Gooey under a different name. Alolan Diglett lives near volcanoes, so they can't really hide themselves away like the classic versions. Alolans are very grateful for Alolan Diglett because it tills the soil as it digs tunnels. The hairs on its head are really metallic whiskers, which help it scan the area without peeking out of the earth. Diglett developed these whiskers to survive the volcanic environment. The whiskers also show Diglett's mood: when erect, it's angry. When waving, it's on alert. When swinging around, it's happy. When drooping, it's sad or lonely.
Fans made jokes about Dugtrio's hair ever since it was found in the demo and datamine, but in truth we now know that it has metal hair. Alolan Dugtrio is revered as an incarnation the god of the land, so people kneel and bow when they see it poke its face out of the burrow. Alolan Dugtrio's whiskers are brilliant like gold hair, and they keep growing for all its life. Never give it a haircut, because you will receive divine punishment. Tourists come back every year to return the whiskers they stole. According to Alolan belief, Alolan Dugtrio will emerge when a volcano is about to erupt. This is because they sense movements underground that indicate an impending eruption and pop out from alarm. People will flee from the sight.

Only four days left!

What are your thoughts?
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